About Us

AIM Solder Australia is a leading Australian manufacturer of tin lead and lead-free solder assembly materials. We support the electronics industry, making sure that our clients have quick and easy access to the soldering materials they need.

If you work with electronic components, you’ll appreciate the importance of using top-quality soldering materials. We manufacture and supply solder wire, paste, bars and liquid, covering soldering requirements for a wide range of applications.

As your technologies continue to advance, so do we. AIM Solder Australia is part of the global AIM Solder Solutions, giving us access to world-leading research and development facilities.

Our extensive range of soldering products includes:

  • Solder pastes, bars, wires and preforms
  • Adhesives, cleaners and production chemicals
  • Liquid fluxe
  • Plating anodes
  • Gold-indium alloys
  • Lead-free soldering alloys

We like to bond with our customers. High-quality products and the latest innovations aren’t enough if they’re not underpinned by exceptional service.

To make sure we always provide this, we’ve come up with the AIM Advantage™. This is our promise that we’ll offer priority service and dedicated service support every step of the way – and this is why we have become the trusted supplier of choice for many of Australia’s leading electronics manufacturers.

And what holds all this together?

You do, by looking at Australia manufactured solders for use in your products, rather than products that are imported from overseas. We’re committed to providing local phone or onsite support and supply competitively price products freshly manufactured which improve the performance and reliability or your equipment.

If you want to know more about AIM Solder Australia’s products, services and partners, or would like to find out about a career with us, please contact us at our NSW HQ.