63-CX18 – 63/37 No Clean

63-CX18 – 63/37 No Clean

63/37 CX18 is a no clean flux core leaded solder wire and is designed to offer excellent soldering results with all alloys and on all surface finishes.
Engineered for high operator satisfaction CX18 is a low odor/smoke formula which promotes thermal transfer, and fast wetting without the need for additional flux. CX18 post solder residues are minimal,
clear and pass IPC-004A and IPC-004B SIR and corrosion requirements.

If cleaning is required to meet IPC standard, CX18 flux residues are best cleaned with Chemtools flux removers.


  • Fast Wetting
  • Minimal/Clear Residue
  • Extends Solder Tip Life
  • ROL0 per IPC J-STD-004
  • REACH and RoHS Compliant*
  • Low Odor / Fumes

AIM 63-CX18 replaces 63-GLOW Solders wires.

Part NumberSize/Description
63-CX18-0.25MM-2.5%-250GAIM 63/37 CX18 Solder Wire 0.25mm 2.5% 250g
63-CX18-0.4MM-2.5%-250GAIM 63/37 CX18 Solder Wire 0.40mm 2.5% 250g
63-CX18-0.5MM-2.5%-500GAIM 63/37 CX18 Solder Wire 0.50mm 2.5% 500g
63-CX18-0.65MM-2.5%-500GAIM 63/37 CX18 Solder Wire 0.65mm 2.5% 500g
63-CX18-0.8MM-2.5%-500GAIM 63/37 CX18 Solder Wire 0.80mm 2.5% 500g
63-CX18-1.0MM-2.5%-500GAIM 63/37 CX18 Solder Wire 1.0mm 2.5% 500g
63-CX18-1.25MM-2.5%-500GAIM 63/37 CX18 Solder Wire 1.2mm 2.5% 500g
63-CX18-1.55MM-2.5%-500GAIM 63/37 CX18 Solder Wire 1.6mm 2.5% 500g
63-CX18-2.0MM-2.5%-500GAIM 63/37 CX18 Solder Wire 2.0mm 2.5% 500g
63-CX18-3.17MM-2.5%-500GAIM 63/37 CX18 Solder Wire 3.17mm 2.5% 500G

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