63-RMA – 63/37 RMA

63-RMA – 63/37 RMA

63/37 RMA cored leaded solder wire is a mildly activated, general-purpose wire solder for use in electronics soldering applications. RMA cored wire provides excellent tarnish and oxide removal producing shiny solder joints. RMA cored wire complies with MIL-F-14256 and QQ-S-571 specifications. RMA cored wire produces slight to moderate post-process residues that may be left on the substrate or removed with commercially available flux removers.

Post-process residues can remain in place or be removed with commercially available flux removers. IPA is not recommended. If cleaning is required to meet IPC standard RMA flux residues are best cleaned with Chemtools solvent-based flux removers.


  • Rosin Mildly Activated
  • Promotes Thermal Transfer
  • ROL0 per J-STD-004B
  • Glycol-Free
  • Fast Wetting Properties
Part NumberSize/Description
63-RMA-0.60-2%-500GAIM 63/37 RMA Solder Wire 0.60mm 500g
63-RMA-0.80-2%-500GAIM 63/37 RMA Solder Wire 0.8mm 500g
63-RMA-1.0-2%-500GAIM 63/37 RMA Solder Wire 1.0mm 500g
63-RMA-1.25-2%-500GAIM 63/37 RMA Solder Wire 1.25mm 500g

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