WS735 – Water Soluble Liquid Flux

WS735 – Water Soluble Liquid Flux

WS735 Water Soluble Liquid Flux is an alcohol based, organically activated flux designed specifically for wave solder applications. WS735  may be applied by automated flux sprayers, foamed, dipped, or brushed on with favorable results. WS735  is active at room temperature and maintains a wide activation range and exceptional wetting characteristics that produce bright shiny joints. WS735 performs well with bare copper, solder coated, and organic coated pwbs. WS735 may be utilised with tin-lead and lead-free solder alloys. Since WS735 is still active post-processing, all residues must be removed from PCBs.

* Non-spattering formula
* High activity and excellent wetting
* Wide process window
* Foam resistant residues

Flux Application:
WS735 Water Soluble Flux can be used in dipping, spraying, brushing, swabbing, and many other fluxing operations. For spraying, WS735 Water Soluble Flux is ready to use directly from its container, no thinning required. When spray fluxing, it is imperative that the proper flux coverage and unifromity be achieved and maintained. A dry flux coating of 500 to 1500 micrograms per square inch is recommended as a starting point.

The residues of raw flux are completely water soluable and should be washed in an aqueous cleaning using deionized or distilled water heated to a recommended temperature of at least 60ºC.

Physical Properties:
* J-STD-004 – ORH1
* Visual – Clear, Colurless
* Odour – Aromatic (Slighlty)
* Solids Content – 23.1%
* Specifi Gravity – 0.9979 ± 0.005 (water = 1)
* Flash Point – <10ºC
* Boiling Point – 82ºCSoluble * pH (1% solution/water) – 1.28

Handling & Storage:
WS735 Water Soluable Flux has an unopened shelf life of 1 year when stored at room temperature. Do not freeze this product. WS735 Water Soluable Flux is shipped ready-to-use, no mixing necessary. Do not mix used and unused chemical in the same container. Reseal any opened containers.

* Use with adequate ventilation and proper personal protective equipment
* Refer to the Safety Data Sheet for any specific emergency information
* Do not dispose of any hazardous materials in non-approved containers

Part NumberSize/Description
WS735-1LWater Soluble Liquid Flux, 1L
WS735-5LWater Soluble Liquid Flux, 5L

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