RMA202-25 – RMA – Rosin Mildly Activated Flux

RMA202-25 – RMA – Rosin Mildly Activated Flux

Rosin Mildly Activated Flux, RMA202-25, is an IPA-based, medium solids, mildly activated liquid flux containing rosin and property activators. RMA202-25 flux does not require removal, but if cleaning is required, residues can be removed with vapor degreasers, solvent cleaners and aqueous wash chemistry. RMA202-25 offers a wide process window, excellent wetting and robust soldering performance.

* Rosinf Mildly Activated
* ROL0 per J-Std-004
* Non-Corrosive/Non-Conductive Residue
* IPC-A610F Class 3 Compliant
* Military/High Reliability Applications

RMA202-25 is formulated for application via spray, brush or dip. RMA202-25 is ready to use directly from its container, no thinning required. When spray fluxing, proper flux coverage and uniformity are imperative. A dry flux coating of 900-1500 micrograms per square inch is typical.

Process Guidelines
Using thermocouples attached to the top of the PCB, the topside assembly temperature should be between 85-100°C (185-230°F). It is important that the flux be dry prior to entering the wave regardless of temperature or spattering will occur. Smoking may occur and is considered normal if it is not excessive. Recommended cotact time with the wave is dependant on the wave configuration, pot temperature, alloy type and hermal mass of the assembly with 4+-7 seconds being typical.

RMA202-25 can be cleaned using a saponifier and water solvent cleaners.

Handling & Storage
RMA202-25 has a sealed shelf life of 1 year when stored at room temperature. Do not store near fire or flame. Keep away from sunlight asit may degrade the product. RMA202-25 is shipped ready to use, no mixing necessary. Do not mix used and unused chemicals in the same container. Reseal any opened containers. Storage conditions range from 4-40°C (40-100°F)

Use with adequate ventilation and proper personal protective equipment. Refer to the Safety Data Sheet for any specific emergency information. Do not dispose of any hazardous materials in non-approved containers.

Part NumberSize/Description
RMA202-25-1LRMA - Rosin Mildly Activated Flux, 1L
RMA202-25-5LRMA - Rosin Mildly Activated Flux, 5L

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