Solder Paste SN100C – NC257-2 No Clean

Solder Paste SN100C – NC257-2 No Clean

NC257-2 improves every aspect of leaded soldering, increasing the throughput of the most advanced SMT applications. NC257-2 prints at high speeds without slumping and produces consistent print volumes, even for super fine-pitch applications.

NC257-2 is unique in that it is halide-free and offers excellent wetting ability. This results not only in exceptional reliability, but also bright and shiny solder joints, excellent wetting angles and spread, and compatibility with difficult-to-solder parts. AND the thermal stability of NC257-2 has proven to eliminate the most challenging defects associated with lead-free SMT, including voiding and head-in-pillow. Contact AIM to request more information and a sample of NC257-2 in one of our many lead-free alloys, including 63/36 and 62/36/2 Alloys.

Eliminates Head-in-Pillow and Voiding Bright and Shiny Solder Joints Excellent Printing and Reflow Characteristics No Silver Excellent Wetting Low-Tombstoning 24 Hour Stencil Life Low-Solder Beading 12-14 Hour Tack Time Broad Printing Process Window Clear Pin-Probe Testable Residue Available in Industry Standard Sizes.

Part NumberSize/Description
SN100CNC257-2-J250Solder Paste SN100C NC257-2 No Clean 250g Jar
SN100CNC257-2-J5Solder Paste SN100C NC257-2 No Clean 500g Jar
SN100CNC257-2-C5Solder Paste SN100C NC257-2 No Clean 500g Cartridge
SN100CNC257-2-C10Solder Paste SN100C NC257-2 No Clean 1kg Cartridge

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