200AX – Stencil Cleaner

200AX – Stencil Cleaner

200AX is a glycol ether based stencil cleaner with a concentrated additive that is 100% compatible with all AIM solder pastes and epoxies. 200AX is formulated for application by hand. Where automatic application is desired, the use of AIM’s DJAW Stencil Cleaner is recommended. Unlike other stencil cleaners, the AIM stencil cleaners help to reduce solder paste dry-out while enhancing its release from even the finest apertures, allowing for a greater number of print cycles between cleaning. For the cleaning of epoxy residues, 200AX will not dissolve the epoxy. In addition, 200AX will not degrade cured epoxy.

Extends paste life
Increases wipe cycle times
* Enhances paste release
* Reduces paste dry-out
* May be used to clean solder paste of epoxy/adhesive residues
* 100% compatible with AIM paste formulations
* Eliminates double wiping

Physical Properties
* Appearance & Odour – Clear liquid, Butyl odor
* Specific Gravity – 0.9536
* Boiling Point – 230.6° (447.08°F)
* Flash Point – 77.7°C (171.86°F)
* Auto Ignition – 227.7°C (441.86°F)

200AX is shipped ready to use. No mixing ot thinning required
* Spray 200AX in small amounts on a lint-free cloth or rag and wipe the areas of paste or epoxy residue to be cleaned. It is not recommended that 200AX be applied to the stencil. Wipe clean any excess 200AX from the stencil before proceeding
* PCBs and components can safely be immersed or cleaned with 200AX

* 200AX has a sealed shelf life of 2 years
* Do not freeze this product
* Do not store near flame
* Keep away from sunlight as it may degrade the product
* Do not mix used and unused chemical in the same container
* Reseal any opened containers

* Use with adequate ventilation and proper personal protective equipment
* Refer to the SDS for any specifi emergency information
* Do not dispose of any hazardous materials in non-approved conatiners

This product is developed for use by hand application only and is not intended for automated dispense systems. Change of equipment pump seals and circulation hoses may be required to use in automated dispense equipment. Contact AIM technical support if more information is required.

Part NumberSize/Description
200AX-10-700MLStencil Cleaner 700ML
200AX-10-5LStencil Cleaner 5L
200AX-10-20LStencil Cleaner 20L

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