4044 – SMT Epoxy

4044 – SMT Epoxy

Epoxy 4044 is single part epoxy adhesive used for bonding SMT components to a PWB prior to double sided reflow or wave solder assembly. Epoxy 4044 has a formulated tolerance to shear-thinning and quick cure properties when exposed to heat. The viscosity and surface tension of the Epoxy 4044 provide the tack force needed for use with high speed placement equipment.

* Designed for printing applications
* One part epoxy
* Thermal curing
* Robust handling characteristics
* Compatible with high speed placement equipment

Epoxy 4044 is delivered ready to use, and is available in syringes, cartridges and jars. When stencil printing, use a clean stencil and apply epoxy to stencil in a half inch diameter bead. Bond strenght will vary depending on component type, adhesive dot size, cure and type of solder mask.

Uncured adhesive may be removed from the PCB with isoproply alcohol. Cured epoxy or removal of bonded components can be accomplished with the application of heat at 120°C (250°F) which will soften Epoxy 4044 to aid removal.

Physical Properties
* Visual – Thickened liquid
* Odour – Aromatic (Slightly)
* Colour – Red
* Viscosity – 600 – 1,000 kcps
* Specific Gravity – 1.13 (water = 1) Typical
* Boiling Point – >260°C

Handling & Storage
Epoxy 4044 has an unrifrigerated shelf life of 6 months when kept at room temperature. Do not refrigerate this product. Do not store near fire os flame. Keep away from sunlight as it may degrade the product. Do not mix new and used adheadive in the same container. If the material should harden or crystallize, it can be reheated to 40°C (104°F) for 8 hours to a useable condition.

Use wit adequate ventelation and proper personal protective equipment. Refer to the Safety Data Sheet for any specific emergency information. Do not dispose of any hazardous materials in non-approved containers.

Part NumberSize/Description
4044-10CC-RSMT Epoxy Red 10cc
4044-10CC-R-PTSMT Epoxy Red 10cc with plunger
4044-30CC-RSMT Epoxy Red 30cc
4044-4OZ/125G-RSMT Epoxy Red 4oz Jar

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